McMillan Comments on Draft Clauses to Smith Commission Report

Stuart McMillan MSP (SNP) and member of Devolution (Further Powers) Committee has today (Thursday) reacted to the publication of the draft clauses by the UK Government in-relation to the recommendations by the Smith Commission report.

The proposals that have been outlined mean that the UK Government will hold a veto over key devolved powers proposed by the Smith Commission, including the ability to abolish the bedroom tax.

The First Minister said an urgent rethink was required across several of the legislative clauses outlined by the Prime Minister if the new legislation is to deliver on both the letter and the spirit of the Smith Commission proposals.

Speaking afterwards, Mr McMillan said;

“The Scottish Government entered into the Smith Commission in good faith and on the presumption that Scotland would receive the powers it needs to transform people’s lives. After all, this is what the majority of Scot’s have been calling for.

“However, on publication of the Draft Clauses it would appear the proposals stop short of giving Scotland the necessary leavers to tackle issues such as poverty and creating a fairer welfare system.

“The holding of a veto, by the UK Government, over key powers such as the ability to abolish the bedroom tax is very disappointing.

“What Scotland requires is substantial powers over taxation and welfare, something the UK Government has failed to deliver here.

“Therefore, it will be interesting to learn of the reaction by the people of Scotland to the proposals and I look forward to hearing the thoughts of my constituents on the matter.”

Smith Commission report – 

Draft clauses –


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