McMillan Welcomes a Budget to Tackle Inequality and Boost the Economy

Stuart McMillan MSP (SNP) has welcomed the passing of the Scottish Budget and the plans to create a fairer and more prosperous Scotland. At the heart of the Budget is the recognition that a strong economy is only successful, if it is underpinned by a society that is fair and equitable.

Setting out the budget to parliament, Mr Swinney said the plans respond to Scotland’s improving economic conditions and would enhance economic growth, tackle inequalities and continue to protect and invest in Scotland’s public services.

The Scottish budget is set against the context of cuts by Westminster to the Scottish Government’s Fiscal DEL budget of around 10 per cent in real terms over five years, including capital spending cuts of over 25 per cent in real terms.

Mr. McMillan said:

“This budget is focused on creating a fairer and more prosperous Scotland, by addressing inequality, investing in our economy and protecting and reforming our public services.
“This Scottish Government have, again, demonstrated its focus on supporting the health of our population and the education of our young people.

“Alongside this, we will see an additional £127m for frontline healthcare in our NHS taking the total additional resource investment for 2015-16 to £383 million.

“I also welcome the investment in affordable housing of over £390 million to deliver 6000 affordable homes and £125m of additional financial support for the housing sector.
“These are actions of a Scottish Government delivering for Scotland and it’s people.”

Scottish Government release –


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