McMillan Welcomes Fall in Petrol Prices

Stuart McMillan MSP (SNP) has welcomed the news from Morrisons Supermarkets that there has been a fall in fuel prices at their store in Inverclyde. Mr McMillan has been campaigning to have fuel prices in Inverclyde reduced and for them to be more in line with other petrol retailers in nearby locations.

Recently, Mr. McMillan wrote to Morrisons and Tesco and he also met with the Morrisons Corporate Affairs Adviser in Edinburgh with whom he pressed the case for a reduction in price of fuel in Inverclyde.

The supermarket has responded today to Mr McMillan by indicating, “The discrepancy in pricing between Inverclyde and nearby stations is larger than we would normally see. Therefore you will have already seen a narrowing of this gap since we spoke. We will continue to keep a watch on this and will work with our Petrol Director.”

Responding, Mr. McMillan said:

“I welcome the news that fuel prices at Morrisons are falling and I’m sure this will be also be welcomed by Inverclyde motorists. I want to thank Morrisons for listening to the concerns I have raised and for taking this action.

“It’s unfair for Inverclyde to be punished, when it comes to dearer fuel prices compared to stations in nearby locations. I will continue to monitor the fuel pricing in Inverclyde and raise the concerns of my constituents to ensure they receive a better deal at the pumps.

“I hope all retailers continue to pay close attention to their fuel prices because the customers will tell them what they think if they don’t.”


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