SNP Politicians Urge Inverclyde Residents to Make sure They are Registered to Vote

“Make sure your voice is heard, make sure you are still on the electoral register”, said Ronnie Cowan, the SNP’s candidate for Inverclyde at the general election in May 2015.

Ronnie is joined by Inverclyde based MSP Stuart McMillan in highlighting to Inverclyde residents the importance of making sure you are still on the electoral register and having the right to vote at the forthcoming General Election on 7th May 2015.

The body responsible for maintaining an accurate electoral register for Inverclyde is the Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board (RVJB) who are planning to write to every household in Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Inverclyde soon advising resident of their status on the register of electors (voters roll).

photo 1

The move to Individual Electoral Registration last September resulted in the introduction of online registration. Visiting the website is the simplest, fastest way for people to register in time. Residents can register to vote at or call the Electoral Registration Officer on 0300 300 0150 for more information.

SNP MSP Stuart McMillan MSP said:

“Last year’s Referendum saw a surge in people registering to vote, particularly at the last minute. If you want your voice heard, you have to have be on the electoral register.

“Over the last few weeks I have had a number of constituents contact me raising their concerns as they appear to have dropped off the electoral register.

“Even if you have been on the register and voting for decades, please check you are still on it by contacting the electoral registration office or going online.”

Inverclyde’s SNP Candidate Ronnie Cowan added:

“It is important, that everybody ensures that they have maintained their right to vote.

“Only the SNP can offer a challenge to the austerity policies of the London based parties but we need your vote, so make sure you are on the register by the deadline of 20th April 2015.”

“Make sure your voice is heard, make sure you are on the electoral register.”


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