McMillan Raises Trident Concerns at FMQs

“The safety of the local community should be paramount but there are some serious concerns regarding both Faslane and the transport of nuclear weapons,” said Stuart McMillan MSP (SNP – West of Scotland).

At First Ministers Questions today Stuart McMillan raised his concerns regarding the increase in safety incidents at Faslane and his fears over the danger of a nuclear convoy travelling over the Erskine Bridge.  The First Minister highlighted that according to the MOD’s figures, there were 105 nuclear safety incidents on the River Clyde in 2013-14. A 50% increase since 2012-13.

Stuart McMillan MSP added:

“As well as the concerns over the increase in safety incidents at Faslane, there was also a nuclear convoy travelling over the Erskine bridge in January at a time when the bridge was closed to high-sided vehicles due to high winds.

“The First Minister agreed with me that this dangerous act, along with the environmental concerns, shows us just how dangerous and damaging it is to have these weapons of mass destruction in our waters, and that that is why they should be scrapped.

“Instead of wasting over £100billion on a new generation of nuclear weapons – as the UK parties want to do – we should invest in our economy and public services.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon added:

“The Scottish Environment Protection Agency regularly engages with the MOD about environmental issues relating to its sites, but the current legislation limits the role that we can play.  That is why we are proposing to legislate so that SEPA has the power to demand action from the MOD to enforce the requirements on radioactive substances.

“The Scottish Government is strongly opposed to the possession of nuclear weapons, and we are committed to seeing the safe withdrawal of Trident nuclear weapons from Scottish waters.

“I have to say that I was interested to see that most of the Labour Party’s candidates for the general election agree with the Scottish National Party on the issue of Trident. According to a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament survey reported in New Statesman, 75% of Labour’s candidates are opposed to renewing Trident.  Maybe one day the leadership will find the backbone to agree with the majority of its candidates.

Stuart McMillan (West Scotland) (SNP):

To ask the First Minister what discussions the Scottish Government has had with the Ministry of Defence regarding environmental concerns on the River Clyde. (S4F-02632)


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