Inverclyde’s Politicians – “Fix our Roads!”

Inverclyde’s politicians have used International Pothole Day (Wednesday 25th March) to tell Inverclyde Council to “fix our roads”.

SNP MSP Stuart McMillan has been joined by SNP General Election candidate Ronnie Cowan in highlighting the condition of Inverclyde’s roads.

Despite reported increases in the roads budget by Labour led Inverclyde Council, the SNP MSP has seen a dramatic increase in the number of constituent complaints regarding potholes in the Inverclyde area.

Mr McMillan and Mr Cowan are now calling on the Council to start spending the money allocated on improving the roads.
Stuart McMillan MSP - Pothole
Speaking from Sinclair Street Mr McMillan said:

“The condition of some of the roads here in Inverclyde is dreadful.

“Anyone who drives around streets, such as Sinclair Street, on a regular basis knows exactly what I am talking about.

“Over the past few months I have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of constituents coming to my office with pothole complaints.

“We keep hearing from Labour politicians on an almost weekly basis that the roads budget has been increased, however, we see very little in return.

“It is time Labour in Inverclyde Council stopped wasting time patting themselves on the back for increasing the roads budget and actually got on with the job of proactively fixing the roads.

Inverclyde SNP Candidate Ronnie Cowan said:

“As recently as last Saturday while speaking to some residents of Castle Road in Greenock they were highlighting the conditions of our roads as being of great concern to them.

“When out and about and speaking to residents the conditions of our roads has been a regular talking point.

“People want to know where their taxes go, and unfortunately they are seeing very little in return for the money that is being allocated to the local roads budget.

“The money is there, start putting it to use and fix our roads!”


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