McMillan Welcomes Backtrack on Team GB

Stuart McMillan MSP (SNP) has welcomed media reports which indicate plans for a Team GB, in football, to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics have been scrapped.

It’s been reported The English Football Association had hoped to field men’s and women’s teams at the Games but failed to gain support from the other home nations.

Mr McMillan has made his opposition known to any Team GB proposal and has been campaigning against it since before his election in 2007 and he lodged a petition against the proposal.

Speaking after learning of the news, Mr McMillan said;

“I welcome the backtrack from the English FA that a Team GB for the Rio Olympics is a non-starter.

“This has been clearly demonstrated by the other football associations who have time and time again made their opposition known to any Team GB proposal.

“The home nations have great historical importance and we must ensure nothing is done which may jeopardise their future as independent bodies.

“Therefore, I’m pleased this proposal has been kicked into the long grass, where it should stay as there is no appetite for a Team GB outside of the English Football Association.”

Previous parliamentary motion lodged by Stuart McMillan MSP;

Title: No More Team GB

Motion Text:
That the Parliament condemns the proposal to field another team of football players made up from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales at the Summer Olympics in Rio 2016; notes previous hostility from the Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales football associations and also from the supporters of those associations; believes that such a team will lead to more questions about the future of individual football associations on these islands; acknowledges that a number of professional players boycotted playing for the previous Team GB, and feels that there is no appetite, especially in Scotland, for such a future team and that this proposal should therefore be kicked into the long grass


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