McMillan Encourages Employers to Sign up to Living Wage

Stuart McMillan MSP (SNP) has encouraged employers in Inverclyde to sign up to paying the Living Wage to their employees.

Living Wage Accreditation enables employers to be recognised for paying their staff a fair, decent wage. On becoming accredited, employers are awarded the Living Wage Employer Mark, which is a fairtrade mark for responsible pay.

The Scottish Government have provided the Poverty Alliance with £280,000 funding to encourage employers to pay their staff the living wage and be accredited for doing so.

Mr McMillan said;

“The issue of in-work poverty has received more coverage as workers continue to be exposed to zero hour contracts and stifled wages.

“Therefore, the Scottish Government, through the Poverty Alliance, are encouraging employers to sign up to paying the Living Wage and providing their staff with a fair and decent income.

“I would echo these calls and encourage employers in Inverclyde to pay the Living Wage and also to receive accreditation for doing so by contacting the Scottish Living Wage Accreditation.”

Living Wage Accreditation –

Further details on the living wage can be found here 


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