DB Apparel (Playtex owners) Port Glasgow – announcement

Comments from Inverclyde SNP candidate Ronnie Cowan and Stuart McMillan MSP to the proposed redundancies at DB Apparel (Playtex owners) Port Glasgow.

Inverclyde SNP Ronnie Cowan said;

“I am hugely disappointed to learn that there may be plans to close Playtex in Port Glasgow. I worked for Playtex for eight years, man and boy. It was a fabulous place where many a local received terrific training.

“I am heartened to hear that Stuart McMillan has contacted the Scottish Government and we shall not give up these jobs lightly.

“Before I set up my own business, I was made redundant and I can empathise with those that may face that possibility. It is a worrying time and we must ensure that the remaining employees get all the help and guidance that can be provided.

“The entire Port Glasgow Industrial Estate has become a poor shadow of its former self as factories have been closing for years. I would hate to think the Playtex would go the same way.”

Mr McMillan added;

“I’m saddened to learn of the news that staff at Playtex in Port Glasgow are to lose their jobs. My thoughts go out to the workforce and their families during what must be a difficult time.

“I have written to the Scottish Government to ask they intervene, as a matter of urgency and ensure the Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE) Team provide the necessary support to the workforce.

“I have also written DB Apparel (Playtex owners) asking about the level of consultation and dialogue which took place with the workforce before the announcement.

“I have also asked what discussions they had with Scottish Government agencies prior to this announcement and I am seeking clarification on the profitability of the site.”


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