McMillan welcomes Scottish Government’s Business Pledge

Stuart McMillan MSP (SNP – West of Scotland) has welcomed the Scottish Government’s latest action to work in partnership with business to promote fair work and economic growth. 

The Scottish Business Pledge – which has already been signed up to by a number of major businesses in Scotland – is a commitment made by companies to uphold positive business practices – such as paying the living wage, not using exploitative zero hours contracts, investing in youth and playing  an active role in the local community.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP also focussed on the destructive impact of the UK government’s continued commitment to cuts – and highlighted the SNP’s democratic mandate to pursue an alternative to austerity.

Commenting, SNP MSP Stuart McMillan said:

“The Scottish Business Pledge announced by the First Minister today is a major step forward both for industry and employees in Scotland – and the fact that so many major businesses have already signed up is testament to the existing spirit of cooperation between the Scottish Government and the nation’s businesses.

“The fact is that economic prosperity and social justice go hand in hand – with evidence showing that the progressive workplace policies promoted by the Scottish Business Pledge benefit companies through increased productivity and improved reputation.

“And the commitment to the Living Wage will ensure that employees always get a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work – improving their standard of living, lifting people out of poverty and boosting productivity.

“Fair work and business innovation will play key roles in the fairer, more prosperous society everyone in Scotland wants to see.

“As well as taking strong action in government, the SNP will ensure that these issues are put at the heart of the Westminster agenda as the real opposition to Tory austerity which is holding back the economy and hurting working people – and will demand that full powers over the minimum wage and employment law are in Scotland’s hands rather than in the hands of David Cameron and George Osborne.”

Further details can be found here: and here:


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