McMillan welcomes success of SNP Scottish Government drive to get kids active

Stuart McMillan MSP has welcomed new figures showing that more school children than ever before in Inverclyde are now receiving the recommended amount of exercise at school.  However, there is still some work to do as Inverclyde has the lowest rate in Scotland of primary school children achieving 2 hours of PE per week.

The SNP Scottish Government is committed to the target that every primary school child gets two hours a week of physical education and secondary school pupils get two periods a week.

In 2010 55 per cent of Scottish primary schools received at least two hours of PE a week compared to just 5% in 2005 – and now that figure stands at 99% across Scotland.  Although the figure for Inverclyde has improved from 67% in 2012 to 80% in 2015, this is the lowest rate of all local authorities in Scotland, highlighting there is still some work to be done.

Welcoming this Stuart McMillan said:

“Physical education is the best possible way to promote and ensure a level of fitness for young people in Scotland.  And it gives our athletes of the future a chance to excel at an early age – so these figures are a credit to our schools and teachers here in Inverclyde.

“The continuing rise in the number of schools meeting PE provision shows that Scotland’s children are becoming more active and Scotland is steadily becoming a healthier nation.  However, whilst I welcome the improvement in Inverclyde from 67% of children reaching the target in 2012 to 80% in 2015, that is still the lowest level in Scotland and some way short of the Scottish average of 99% for primary school pupils.


PE stats

Further notes: (2010) 55% of primary pupils now getting two hours of PE a week


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