McMillan Welcomes Scottish Government Funding for Inverclyde

SNP MSP Stuart McMillan  has welcomed the news that schools in Inverclyde will benefit directly from new funding from the Scottish Government. This is part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge, which will be backed by a new Attainment Scotland Fund of £100m over the next four years.

Inverclyde will receive an initial £592,00 to be directed specifically to improve literacy, numeracy, health and well-being in primary schools.

MSP Stuart McMillan said,

“A good education is the most important gift we can give our young people.

“Just a few weeks ago in Parliament, I raised the importance of delivering free school meals for all children in primaries 1 to 3. That is now benefiting 135,000 children across the country, and saving families £330 a year. School lunches help a pupil’s ability to learn, it should help all children to benefit more from their classes.

“I am pleased to say that Inverclyde schoolchildren will receive £592,000 of further funding from the Scottish Government through the Scottish Attainment Fund.

“This initiative will provide a new impetus and focus on closing the attainment gap. We know that if can close the attainment gap when children are young, the benefits will continue into secondary school and beyond.

“This will ensure that every boy and girl in Scotland has an equal chance to flourish, and will help towards creating a fairer and more prosperous country.”


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