West College Scotland Show Interest to make Inverclyde the Marine Tourism Capital of Scotland.

Greenock based MSP, Stuart McMillan has expressed his delight that West College Scotland (WCS) have expressed their interest in the proposed Marine Tourism BID for Inverclyde.

Mr. McMillan met with the WCS Principal, Audrey Cumberford at the Finnart Campus to discuss a range of issues, one of them being the Marine Tourism BID.
After the meeting, Stuart McMillan MSP said:

“I met the principal of West College Scotland and we discussed in more detail the proposed Marine Tourism BID for Inverclyde and how the college could play a major part in progressing this.

“I am delighted that the Principal is supportive of the suggestion and is keen to be kept up to date with developments and is also keen to take part in any meetings about the Marine Tourism BID.

“Inverclyde is the obvious choice to be Scotland’s home for Marine Tourism and using the BID process would be one way of unlocking our potential and creating more training, jobs and extra income for Inverclyde.

“Inverclyde has a huge amount going for it and with a focus on Marine Tourism, we could reap the rewards for the wider economy.”

Stuart McMillan MSP: 720 930

A BID brings together groups of businesses to work collectively to invest in improving their business environment, to grow their market sector and assist local sustainable economic growth.


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