Over 1,300 Inverclyde Residents helped by Scottish Government Bedroom Tax Support

The latest figures from the Scottish Government reveal that 1,331 Inverclyde residents have been helped so far this year from the £35 million funding the Scottish Government has provided to support those hit by the Tory Bedroom Tax.

Across Scotland 84,216 families have received support to offset the bedroom tax, with the average award being £481. In Inverclyde a total of £848,101 has been used to mitigate the bedroom tax, providing an average award of £637.

Stuart McMillan MSP has welcomed the figures – which come just a day after UK Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith signalled the ideological Tory assault on the poor is set to continue with further cuts to support for disabled people.

Commenting, Mr McMillan said:

“I welcome these new figures showing the Scottish Government has helped over 1,300 families in Inverclyde hit by Tory Bedroom Tax so far this year.

“The Scottish Government is providing £35 million to help mitigate against this unfair, deeply unpopular tax. This support – as part of the Scottish Welfare Fund – is helping those hit hardest by the ideological Tory assault on the least well off people in society.

“This week Iain Duncan Smith has made clear that that he intends to further cut support for disabled people. While the Scottish Government works to support the most vulnerable, the Tories are intent on showing time and time again they cannot be trusted on welfare.

“This highlights exactly why the Scottish Parliament needs full powers over the welfare state to allow us to support and empower people – rather than pushing more people into poverty like the Tories have done.

“Iain Duncan Smith hides from answering questions at Scotland’s Parliament – but the sooner he comes here to explain his seemingly unending austerity agenda, which makes life so difficult for so many vulnerable and hardworking Scots, the better.”


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