McMillan to Address Parliament on SNP Programme for Government

SNP MSP Stuart McMillan will deliver an address in the chamber of the Scottish Parliament tomorrow as part of the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government.

As MSPs return to the Scottish Parliament after the summer recess, the Stuart McMillan will outline part of the SNP legislative programme for the coming year.

Mr McMillan said:

“Since 2007 our central purpose has been on creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish, through increasing sustainable economic growth. That purpose remains central. A strong, vibrant and diverse economy is essential to our national prosperity and helps to create the wealth needed to support high quality public services, such as our commitment to increase the NHS revenue budget in real terms for the remainder of this Parliament and beyond.

Stuart McMillan MSPPlacing an emphasis on education, Mr McMillan said closing the gap in school attainment is a key aim of the SNP Government:

“My priority for my time as an MSP, is that every young person should have the same advantage that I did when I was growing up in Inverclyde. I want to be able to say, with confidence, that there is no better place in the world to be educated than here in Scotland – and I want to know that this claim holds true for all young people, regardless of their background or circumstance.”

McMillan will also outline how the SNP will use the proposed powers from the Scotland Bill for an ambitious set of plans to help ‘improve the lives of ordinary people in this country’:

“While we only have limited powers to complete the job we will use all those we do have effectively, and ambitiously.

“Tackling inequality, along with building a prosperous and competitive economy, is at the heart of the Scottish Government’s commitment to creating a better country for all. The two go hand in hand – the wellbeing of the nation depends on everyone being able to have a share in the prosperity we create.”

Stuart McMillan will also draw attention to the recent SNP Government announcement that Ferguson Marine, Port Glasgow, has been awarded the £97m contract to build the next two CMAL ferries under the Scottish Government’s Ferries Strategy.

Mr McMillan said that

“When the first 2 hybrid ferries were awarded in 2014 I said ‘Shipbuilding was coming home’. Now, thanks to the SNP Government, it is ‘Shipbuilding has a bright future in Inverclyde.’ This is a real vote of confidence in the area and can give a significant boost to the local economy, create jobs and continue the west of Scotland’s justified reputation as a leader in the shipbuilding industry – and shows that shipbuilding in Scotland, thanks to the SNP, has a prosperous future ahead of it.”


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