Additional investment for local authorities to support employability.

Scotland’s 32 local authorities are to share £5.8 million Scottish Government funding to help young people prepare for the world of work and get into jobs.

The funding forms part of action to reduce youth unemployment in Scotland by 40 per cent by 2021, as outlined in Developing the Young Workforce – Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy. The Scottish Government will work with COSLA on the allocation of the funds with an announcement to be made at a future date.

Councils will use the additional investment to strengthen links between schools, colleges and employers, continue developing work-based learning and career pathways for all young people, and support vulnerable groups towards employment.

This will build on the early action from local government and key partners in implementing the recommendations from the Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce, building on the additional funds they received last year.

Stuart McMillan MSP has welcomed the extra funding for local authorities. He said:

“Work to reduce youth unemployment in Scotland by 40 per cent by 2021 is well underway through actions as part of our youth employment strategy. Last month’s figures showed that youth employment was at 363,000, the highest figure recorded since the same period ten years ago.

“We have already funded Skills Development Scotland to provide more Modern Apprenticeships (MAs).Indeed, Inverclyde has seen an 16.4% increase in Modern Apprenticeships since 2007. Yet we need to keep up momentum. Local government has a key role to play in preparing young women and men for employment and is already taking forward a range of activity to help them fulfil their potential.

“Getting young people into work, education or training has been a key focus of the SNP government and this will continue as they work towards the ambitious goal of cutting youth unemployment by 40 per cent by 2021.This additional funding will allow councils to offer even more support to their young people and further boost Scotland’s economic growth.”


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