Stuart McMillan MSP Angered Over Energy Campaign Oversight

Stuart McMillan MSP has denounced Smart Energy GB for its environmentally unsustainable packaging measures.

Smart Energy GB is the national campaign for the smart meter rollout. The organization was established to modernise Britain’s energy infrastructure to secure a greener future and help reduce the global carbon footprint.
The MSP spoke out after receiving the Smart Meter organisation’s toys for his children, which were contained in a vastly oversized Styrofoam packet.

Smart Toys + Stuart
Stuart McMillan MSP stated:

“I am very frustrated with Smart Energy GB. This is the organisation that is supposed to be informing people on how to reduce energy waste to protect the common environment and cut down on costs. Packaging two small toys into an oversized cardboard box with excess Styrofoam is hypocritically wasteful.

“With this kind of appalling carelessness, Smart Energy GB contradicts its large-scale mission to promote energy efficiency. In light of this, I hope that the organisation will change its policies and adopt more sustainable practices in delivering gas and energy metrics to homes and businesses in the UK.”



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