SNP MSP and Councillors Outline Support for Affordable New Housing

Speaking after that official opening of the new Brucehill New Build project in West Dunbartonshire, Stuart McMillan outlined SNP support for more affordable housing in Scotland. The SNP Government through the Affordable Housing Supply Programme provided grant funding of £1.85m for the Brucehill New Build project, which will see 37 affordable homes built in West Dumbartonshire.

SNP Councillor Ian Murray said:

“This new funding is very welcome and will help many families across West Dunbartonshire move into new-build homes. That this new scheme will focus on affordable homes underscores the SNP’s commitment to tackling inequality and promoting social justice in West Dunbartonshire.”

SNP MSP Stuart McMillan said:

“The SNP Government are now within touching distance of meeting our target to build 30,000 by the end of this Scottish Parliament. Making sure that everyone has a safe, warm and affordable home is central to our government’s drive to make this country fairer and more prosperous. There is no doubt that families across Scotland are feeling the strain of tough UK Government cuts. Unfortunately, these cuts do not only have an immediate effect but are also expected to have an impact on future investment. The SNP has therefore taken a lead in the UK by prioritising affordable housing; we know and understand that investment in affordable housing will create strong and stable communities. That is why we have ploughed in hundreds of millions of pounds to build a record number of affordable houses.”

Gail Robertson, SNP candidate in the Dumbarton Constituency for the 2016 Scottish Parliament election, stated:

“If we are re-elected next May, our target in the next parliament will be to build at least 50,000 new affordable homes. Investment in affordable housing will help grow the Scottish house building industry providing jobs, economic growth and much needed quality housing across the country – and will go some way to undo the damage of Westminster cuts to Scotland’s capital budget.”


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