McMillan calls for tougher action on Dog Fouling

“Dog fouling is absolutely disgusting and we know the vast majority of residents are appalled by it and want something done to reduce it even further,” said Stuart McMillan MSP.

Irresponsible residents who don’t pick up their dog’s mess will face bigger fines from 1 April, 2016.  The new higher fixed penalty of £80 is being introduced for dog fouling across Scotland to discourage bad behaviour.

The move has been made possible due to a change in legislation to bring the fixed penalty for dog fouling up to £80, in line with litter. It follows a Scottish Government consultation in which the majority of responders said they would support the fine being raised.

Stuart McMillan MSP added:

“It is completely unacceptable for dog owners not to pick up after their pet. It impacts negatively on everyone’s enjoyment of the area. Hopefully the higher fixed penalty notice will deter irresponsible owners from risking it and help to protect our local environment.

“Hopefully a combination of a higher fine and more proactive work by Inverclyde Council to catch those who either don’t pick up their mess, or who bag it and then throw it away will help to reduce this behaviour.”


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