McMillan contributes submission to Scotland Study Route Consultation

I have welcomed the opportunity to contribute a submission to the Scotland Study Route Consultation which has been developed by Network Rail in collaboration with a range of stakeholders including train and freight operating companies, Rail Delivery Group, Office of Rail and Road, and Transport Scotland.

The purpose of the Route Study is to provide an evidence base that will inform funders in Scotland when considering rail industry investment choices between 2019 through till 2029.

Speaking on his submission Stuart McMillan MSP said:

“With an increasing number of people living in the western part of Inverclyde along with further development at the former Inverkip Power Station proposed, there will be an increased level of demand for train journeys at peak times. With this popularity, I believe that the trains from Inverclyde to Glasgow need to be increased in length and frequency.

“More and more people are relying on Train Services rather than cars to go to their place of work, this will only be good to aid environmental concerns within the community”.

“I also believe that people should be comfortable whilst travelling by train, I feel that an upgrade and improvement on the WIFI service available is vitally important to encourage people to stay in touch with the current news whilst commuting”.



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