McMillan condemns Labour’s plan to hit Low Paid

“Labour need to come clean over their plans to hit low earners and pensioners with tax rises,” said Stuart McMillan – the SNP candidate for Greenock & Inverclyde.

Labour plans to increase income tax on all basic rate taxpayers, including those on low incomes, mean around half a million pensioners will see their taxes increase – while the party have failed to offer any meaningful protection for those on low earnings.

A re-elected SNP government will protect ordinary households from paying the price of Tory austerity by freezing the basic rate for the whole of the next parliament.

Labour tax plansStuart McMillan added:

“The SNP will protect low earners from paying the price of Tory austerity. An SNP Government will not increase tax on the 2.2 million basic rate taxpayers or on the half a million pensioners in Scotland on low incomes.

“In contrast, the Labour party is determined to hit the poorest in our society with the cost of Tory austerity – a policy which is unfair, unworkable and simply indefensible.

“The sheer hypocrisy coming from the Labour is breathtaking, given that they told people that a No vote in the referendum would mean no tax rises, but are now asking the low paid to pay higher taxes to carry the burden of Tory cuts.”

“It is now almost two months since Labour first unveiled their tax plans – but despite saying they would protect people on low incomes, they have still produced no detail on how that would be achieved and their party leader has failed to answer basic questions about the policy.

“In fact we’ve had three different polices from Labour in the last week – that is simply not credible from a party aiming to be the government of Scotland, and proves yet again why Labour are barely fit for opposition never mind fit for office.

“The fact that Labour are expecting some of the lowest paid in the country, including half a million pensioners, to bear the costs of Tory austerity, shows just how out of touch they have become.”


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