McMillan welcomes SNP Investment in Housing

“These are ambitious plans for more affordable housing in Scotland that only the SNP can deliver”, said Stuart McMillan – SNP candidate for Greenock & Inverclyde, commenting on the SNP’s plans to build at least 50,000 new affordable homes in Scotland.

The SNP has a strong track record of supporting affordable housing, meeting the target of 30,000 affordable homes in the last Parliamentary term. However, with the prospect of an historic third term in government the SNP plan to go further and build at least 50,000 affordable homes during the next Parliamentary term. This will support 14,000 full time equivalent jobs per year and generate £1.8 billion per year of economic activity – or over £9 billion over the course of the Parliament.

Stuart McMillan added:

“Everyone in Scotland has the right to expect a safe, warm, affordable home and delivering this will be central to our drive to make Scotland a fairer, more prosperous country for everyone.

“The SNP in government has a strong track record on housing – having exceeded our own target to build 30,000 new, affordable homes over the last Parliament and re-started the construction of council housing, with 5000 new council houses.

“In Inverclyde alone, around £120 million has been invested affordable housing between 2007 -2014.

“A re-elected SNP government will go even further. We will set an ambitious target of delivering at least 50,000 new affordable homes over the course of the next Parliament, more than at any point since devolution, delivering the quality homes people deserve, supporting thousands of jobs and contributing to economic growth.

“In contrast, opposition promises on housing are simply empty pledges when they come from a Labour party that found itself in the ludicrous position of having built only six new council houses throughout its last term in office and a Tory party obsessed with austerity and taking real investment out of the economy.

“Building at least 50,000 houses, providing further support to first-time buyers and supporting the economy will form an essential part of our plans to keep Scotland moving forward.”


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