Esplanade Residents Raise Parking Concerns on Powerboat Event

Thousands of spectators are expected to descend upon Greenock’s Esplanade next week for an international boating race that will be beamed across the world. Yet Esplanade residents have been notified this week that they will not have parking privileges over the weekend, causing some to complain at the restrictions.

The Powerboat P1 Grand Prix of the Sea UK Championships is to be held in Scotland for the first time. Spectators and viewers around the world will see spectacular powerboat and jet-ski races off Greenock’s Esplanade on June 18th-19th.

Up to 14 powerboat teams will take part, and there will also be a jet-ski championship with around 40 racers. The world’s jet-ski freestyle world champion is also being lined up to entertain the crowds between races.

The event is being driven by Inverclyde Council and regeneration company Riverside Inverclyde on to coincide with one of the larger cruise ships being berthed at Greenock Ocean Terminal

It will cost £160,000 to stage, but is expected to attract between 20,000 and 40,000 spectators each day, generate a direct economic impact of around £3 million through hotel stays, catering and use of local services and supplies, and will be beamed to more than 100 countries on television.

However, Esplanade residents have been notified this week that they have to park away from their houses as the event will be closed to traffic, causing disarray for disabled residents in particular.

Commenting, Stuart McMillan MSP has highlighted the benefits of the Powerboat Grand Prix Event in coming to Inverclyde, but noted that residents’ parking issues had probably been a simple ‘oversight’ by the organisers:

“I have been contacted by Esplanade residents, particularly with disabilities, who have raised concerns that they will have to park some distance away from their homes on the weekend of the event.

“This has probably been a simple error from the Inverclyde Council and I have written to them to see what solution can now be organised.

Commenting further on the event, Mr McMillan relished the prospect of the global event coming to Inverclyde:

“This will be a fantastic free event for local residents to enjoy, and I am looking forward to welcoming visitors from across the world to Inverclyde.

“Businesses will have the opportunity to highlight themselves on the Esplanade, which will provide a fantastic boost for Inverclyde’s tourism businesses.”

He added:

“Inverclyde has a proud heritage in shipbuilding and is also a regular port of call for large cruise liners. Hopefully this event will encourage return visits to Inverclyde from the thousands expected to journey here to watch the Championship race.”



Inverclyde Council organising team for the event can be contacted on (01475) 712723




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