Stuart and Staff Undergo Training to Help Engage with Deaf or Hard of Hearing Constituents

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland has shared the charity’s top tips with Stuart McMillan MSP and his Office Manager, Matthew Leitch, to help them become more aware of the individual communications needs of constituents who are deaf or have hearing loss.

One in six residents across Inverclyde have some kind of hearing loss – including more than half of people aged over 60.

Lainey Docherty, Hear to Help Coordinator, said: “It’s great that Stuart and Matthew realise the challenges people with hearing loss can encounter when trying to follow conversations and now know how to adapt their communication to meet their needs. Quite often it’s very small things – like facing the person you’re talking to in a well-lit area so you can be more easily lip-read or ensuring you speak clearly without shouting – which can make a huge difference.”Stuart McMillan MSP deaf awareness taster 23 Aug 16

Stuart McMillan MSP said: “The key thing we learned today is that deaf awareness is about good communication and taking the time to consider whether you can do or say something differently to make it easier for someone who is deaf or hard of hearing to take part in conversations. We had great fun learning some basic BSL and fingerspelling, which we’ll need to keep practising to welcome visitors from the Deaf community!

“I urge organisations across Greenock and Inverclyde to contact Action on Hearing Loss Scotland to improve their own deaf awareness and help reduce the frustration which can be experienced by local people who are deaf or have hearing loss.”

For more information about deaf awareness, visit or email:

Action on Hearing Loss offers Deaf Awareness Training for individuals and businesses. For more information, visit or contact telephone: 0333 240 5658, textphone: 0161 276 2316 or email:

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland is a charity which supports people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus to live the life they choose by campaigning for equality and developing technology and treatments.



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