McMillan Speaks in Debate on SNP Programme for Government


SNP MSP Stuart McMillan spoke in the debate in the Scottish Parliament today as part of the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government.

As MSPs return to the Scottish Parliament after the summer recess, Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Stuart McMillan outlined part of the SNP legislative programme for the coming year.

Mr McMillan said:

“The SNP Government has already achieved much in delivering our vision for Scotland. Our commitment to fair work and the Living Wage; mitigating the worst effects of UK Government welfare cuts; focusing our efforts on tackling poverty; improving employment opportunities for women and young people; and expanding the provision of better housing are just examples of this.

Placing an emphasis on social security, Mr McMillan said that “ensuring that dignity and respect” is the heart of social security is a key aim of the SNP Government:

“Over the past year I have engaged with and heard the views of organisations in my constituency such as the Health and Social Care Partnership and the DWP, as well as numerous constituents who are concerned about the rollout of Universal Credit and how it will affect them.

“Thankfully, the Scottish Government is committed to ensuring that, as we implement our powers and start to make changes, people continue to have a say in the debates and decisions that affect them.

Stuart McMillan MSP

McMillan also outlined how the SNP will invest record amounts of funding in affordable housing:

“Over the next Parliament, we will invest £3 billion to build at least 50,000 more affordable homes. 35,000 of these will be for social rent.

“This will deliver the quality homes people deserve, supporting thousands of jobs and contributing to economic growth.

“Throughout the summer, I, like many MSPs, will have been visiting a whole range of organisations and only yesterday I had a meeting with another of my local Housing Associations. One of their key messages was to keep the house building programme as this assists a whole range of other aspects of society including employment, training and health. Not forgetting people living in better homes

“Greenock and Inverclyde has benefited in the past from the SNP Government commitments on housing, and I am sure that this will continue in the future.”

Mr McMillan also welcomed news from the First Minister who announced that Inverclyde Royal Hospital and Glasgow Royal Infirmary would benefit directly from £3.5 million of additional capital funding from the Scottish Government, as well as news that a pilot to extend minor ailments services will be rolled out to pharmacies in Inverclyde.

Commenting on the additional funding for the IRH, Stuart McMillan MSP said:

“I wholeheartedly welcome the comments from the First Minister. The Minor Ailments Service pilot will provide for all patients through community pharmacies in Inverclyde to explore its impact on increasing access to appropriate primary care, and any additional funding for public services Inverclyde is always a benefit to the area.

“This reaffirms the SNP Government’s priority for ensuring health services in Inverclyde are of the highest quality and provide the best possible care for patients.”




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