McMillan meets with Health Board to Discuss Birthing Unit Proposal

Local MSP Stuart McMillan MSP met with Chief Executive and Chairman of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde on Friday.

Mr McMillan had asked for the meeting as a result of the health board proposals to close the birthing unit at the IRH whilst keeping the pre and post natal services available.

Stuart Serious

Commenting after the meeting, Mr. McMillan said:

“I have been disappointed by the health board proposals to close the birthing unit at the IRH. The numbers of births have fallen to 11 in the last year from over 100 in 2009/10. Nonetheless, the Maternity Unit provides parents in Inverclyde with a vital service and flexibility to have their babies where they choose.

“The health board are determined that the proposals go ahead but they have initiated focussed consultation events to talk to people in Inverclyde.

“I asked the health board to undertake a full public meeting as this wasn’t part of their public engagement events. I have also written to the health board highlighting my request for a full public meeting.

Commenting further, Stuart McMillan MSP also encouraged Inverclyde residents to fully engage with the Health Board public consultation:

“I would urge anyone with an interest in the birthing unit to get involved in the consultation and to make their voices heard.

“In the past when Inverclyde has spoken with one voice we have had some successes including maintaining the Community Midwife Unit (CMU) in 2008.”


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