Tories’ Deflection Won’t Hide Brexit Shambles

The “desperate” attempt by the Tories to push responsibility for Brexit onto the SNP won’t hide the shambles engulfing the UK Government, said Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Stuart McMillan.

Ahead of a parliamentary debate on Scotland’s economy following Brexit, Murdo Fraser said that the SNP “must explain how it will make Brexit work”.


Stuart making his point in the Chamber at Holyrood

Speaking ahead of the debate, SNP MSP Stuart McMillan said:

“The desperate attempt by the Tories to deflect responsibility for Brexit onto the SNP is beyond satire.

“A pro-EU Tory Prime Minister led us into a referendum he didn’t believe in and now a new pro-EU Tory Prime Minister is completely clueless as to what ‘Brexit means Brexit’ actually means.

“The UK Government are guilty of gross negligence and have put their narrow party political interests ahead of the interests of the country. The Scottish Tories should back our efforts to protect Scotland’s place in Europe and the single market rather than making the same mistakes as their Westminster colleagues.”

Mr McMillan highlighted the positive steps taken by the Scottish Government in response to the EU Referendum result, which directly contrasts to the sluggishness of the UK Government reaction:

“Since the result of the EU referendum, the Scottish Government has lost no time in engaging fully and robustly on all fronts.

“As businesses continue to face the ongoing uncertainty created by the UK-wide vote to leave the EU, our planned £500 million Scottish Growth Fund is designed to support them, the workforce and the economy to grow.

“In addition, £100 million will be injected into our capital spending plans this year, providing a significant boost to the £6 billion worth of projects already under construction, and supporting activity and jobs in key sectors of the Scottish economy.

“The real risk to Scotland’s economy now is being taken out of the European Union against our will. The only way to protect the clear benefits which come from being part of the world’s biggest single market is to work to ensure we protect our relationship with the EU.”


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