McMillan Welcomes Upgrade to Bull Ring Road Markings

“Following my request to improve the road markings on the Bull Ring roundabout, I was delighted to learn that TranServ will commence the work to re-instate road markings next month” said Stuart McMillan MSP.

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Stuart McMillan MSP contacted TranServ to alert them to the inadequate road signage at the Bull Ring roundabout in Greenock.

Stuart McMillan MSP

Mr McMillan received a response from Scotland TranServ chief Executive Roy Brannen, confirming that the operating company for the A8 has programmed the replacement of the road markings on the roundabout for the week commencing 24 October.

Mr Brannen also confirmed that, as this area carries a significant amount of traffic during the day, the works will be carried out overnight to minimise disruption to the travelling public.

Commenting on the decision to upgrade the road markings, Mr McMillan said:

“I welcome the news from TranServ that work will commence on improving the road markings in the next few weeks.

“This is good news for those travelling by vehicle in Inverclyde, allowing for a safer transport system around a heavily-populated precinct.

“As Inverclyde residents know, the Bull Ring is an extremely busy roundabout and it can be confusing for anyone new to the town to navigate.

“That is why it is imperative that there are clear roads markings to inform drivers which lane to be in. The lane markings there have practically faded away and urgently need to be renewed.”


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