Recorded Crime in Inverclyde Falls Under SNP Government

SNP MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde Stuart McMillan has welcomed latest figures that show a steep decline in recorded crime across Inverclyde since the SNP came to power in 2007.

Recorded crime in Inverclyde has fallen by 42% in the ten years between 2006/07 and 2015/16, which is a greater fall than the nationwide fall of 41%. Local MSP Stuart McMillan believes this shows the success of SNP policies in policing and justice.

Commenting, Mr McMillan said:

“These are welcome figures that show a steep fall in recorded crime in the period since the SNP entered office in 2007 – and shows that SNP policies, such as having more police officers, have made our communities safer.

“It is excellent to see a decline in recorded crime of 42% across Inverclyde, part of a Scotland-wide picture that shows an overall fall of 41% since 2006/07.

“Since 2006-07 the SNP Government have  invested more than £10.5 million in a range of violence reduction programmes during which time violent crime has more than halved (down 52%) and is at its second lowest level since 1974.

“I am grateful for the excellent work of Inverclyde’s police officers and their specialist and other civilian colleagues in detecting, disrupting and deterring criminal activities. Each of us can contribute to keeping our communities, homes and businesses safe, including by minimising opportunities for criminals.

“Having safe communities where everyone feels welcome are vital to creating the Scotland that we all want to see – and these figures show that, under the SNP, we have made significant progress in achieving this goal.”


Changes in total recorded crime between 2006/07 and 2015/16, by local authority area, available here:



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