MSP Teams up with British Heart Foundation

Stuart McMillan MSP has teamed up with The British Heart Foundation on West Blackhall Street in Greenock to help promote the Bag it. Beat it Campaign.

British Heart Foundation are asking everyone to rummage through your wardrobe and bag up unwanted but good quality clothes, accessories, books, and DVDs for the  to sell in their charity shops.

Your unwanted stuff will help to fund the research so urgently needed to protect women from the devastation of heart disease. 

Around 28,000 women die from a heart attack each year in the UK – that’s three every hour. But surveys have shown that women are less likely than men to recognise the symptoms of a heart attack and seek help. 


Donations to Bag it.Beat it. will help British Heart Foundation to fund research to help better diagnose and treat women with heart disease. 

Previously, charitable donations helped researchers in Edinburgh develop a new test that better diagnoses women who are suspected of having a heart attack. With further funding, researchers will carry out an even bigger clinical trial of the test, which could save lives and save the NHS money. 

Commenting, Stuart McMillan MSP said:

“I am delighted to help British Heart Foundation promote their Bag it. Beat it Campaign.

“Every item donated to the BHF really does help in the fight against heart disease and a simple declutter at home helps us to fund even more life-saving heart research.

“For anyone who would still like to get involved in the campaign, bring your unwanted items to the Greenock shop and join the fight against heart disease.”


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