Trussell Trust Figures ‘Damning Indictment’ of Tory Austerity

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Stuart McMillan has commented on the latest foodbank usage figures published by the Trussell Trust, which he says exposes the failure of the Tories austerity agenda.

The figures show that, in Inverclyde, 1097 adults and 320 children were referred for food parcels between April and September this year.

Commenting, Stuart McMillan MSP said:

“These new figures are simply shameful. They expose the utter failure of the Tory austerity agenda. The fact that foodbank use continues to grow is a damning indictment of the UK Government’s record which should leave the Tories deeply ashamed.

“In Inverclyde we see that between April and September Inverclyde Foodbank handled 1417 referrals for 3-day food parcels – a figure that includes 320 children. The Trussell Trust states that for overall foodbank use the most significant reason is problems with benefits.

“It is utterly shameful that the Tory’s changes to our welfare system are driving families so far into poverty that they cannot afford to eat. The SNP have opposed the welfare changes that are contributing to extreme poverty and we continue to make proposals to alleviate food poverty.

Stuart Serious

Mr McMillan, who is co-sponsoring a Trussell Trust event in the Scottish Parliament this evening, praised the work of foodbank volunteers in Inverclyde:

“Organisations like the Inverclyde Foodbank do an excellent job of providing for those who need it but they should not need to exist. The fact that they even exist is a depressing throwback to Dickensian times – and the Scottish Government is forced to spend £100 million a year mitigating the worst excesses of Tory welfare cuts.

“I welcome the Trussell Trust’s analysis of these figures which helps us to look at further ways of tackling poverty. In the meantime, the SNP will continue to press the Government on welfare support issues at every opportunity.”


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