Local MSP Urges Health Board Members to Vote to Save IRH Maternity Unit

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Stuart McMillan has written to all seven Labour councillors on the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board and urged them to vote to save the IRH Maternity ward.

The health board have put forward proposals to close the maternity unit in Inverclyde and have launched a consultation to gage the views of the public.

Upon the conclusion of the consultation, the health board will then take a vote to decide the fate of the maternity unit – and Stuart McMillan MSP has implored the elected members of the health board to use their vote to save the local service.

Stuart Serious

Commenting, Stuart McMillan MSP said:

“The birthing unit in the IRH provides a hugely important role in Inverclyde by offering parents flexibility and the choice to have their children delivered locally.

“The proposals that affect births at the Inverclyde Royal Hospital have been issued by the health board, which is made up of clinicians, finance professionals and Labour Councillors.

“Therefore, I have written to each elected member of the Health Board to impress upon them the significance of the board’s decision in this matter.

“I would strongly urge each member to use their vote to save this service, ensuring that the maternity unit remains in Inverclyde.”


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