Single Market Access Vital to Inverclyde

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Stuart McMillan outlined his support for maintaining access to the EU Single Market – and said that Inverclyde’s developing tourism sector is dependent on the EU market.

Speaking on Tuesday in the debate on Culture, Creative Industries and Tourism following the EU Referendum in the chamber of the Scottish Parliament, Mr McMillan said that the interests of Scotland’s culture, creative and tourism sectors are best served by protecting the country’s existing relationship with Europe, and in particular maintaining freedom of movement


Stuart making his point in the Chamber at Holyrood

Highlighting the case of Inverclyde, Mr McMillan said:

“Cruise tourism is the fastest growing sector of the travel industry. There has been a 17% growth in economic impact of European Cruise industry in the last 5 years. The shipbuilding Order Book has 73 ships on order worth billions of pounds. 17 of these new ships will have over 5000 berths.

“What these figures highlight is a sector that is moving forward and will continue to move forward, helping Scotland’s economy and also my own constituency of Greenock and Inverclyde.

“In the past 2 years, Greenock Ocean Terminal has received over 200,000 visitors from cruise tourism. These arrivals generate wealth and business opportunities for the area.

“It is predominantly Europeans who are on board the vessels that come into ports in Scotland. The right of free movement underpins that business, whether it involves tourist travel by ferry or cruise ships coming in from western Europe.”


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