McMillan MSP Encourages Inverclyde Residents to Give Blood

The Scottish Blood Transfusion Service is launching its appeal for donations over the festive period – and Stuart McMillan MSP is leading by example in order to encourage others to give blood.

The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) aims to have six days of supply for all eight blood groups in order to meet the requirements of patients across Scotland.

There are 126,471 active blood donors in Scotland, who have all given blood within the last year – less than 4% of the eligible population of people aged 17-70.

Many patients rely on blood donations to get them through each day. Blood has a shelf life of only 35 days and cannot be stockpiled. However, blood denotations typically decrease over the winter months, which can lead to blood stock issues over Christmas in particular.



Stuart ‘doing his bit’ for Festive Donation 


“Blood donations typically decline in winter. The days get darker more quickly, bad weather often sets in, and a rise in cold and flu symptoms which can often prevent people donating.

“Blood donation is a simple, virtually painless process that takes less than an hour to complete but the number of donors must be rapidly increased to ensure a reliable supply of blood for those who depend on it.

“Every minute of every day someone in Scotland is receiving blood as part of a life-saving or life-enhancing treatment. And that doesn’t stop over Christmas.

“I would encourage everyone in Inverclyde to donate if they are able. Bring together your friends and your family when donating. Donating blood may be the best gift you can give this Christmas.”


To find out where you can give blood, please visit:


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