Mundell Faces Brexit Committee Recall


Scottish Secretary David Mundell should return to Holyrood to explain his promise for new powers, SNP MSP Stuart McMillan has said.

Mr Mundell appeared before the Scottish Parliament’s Europe committee in October where he said that he “could not envisage that there would be a change to the existing arrangements” over the devolution of agriculture and fishing powers.

David Mundell has since said that Scotland would receive “significant new powers” after Brexit – but, despite agriculture already being devolved, Tory frontbencher Adam Tomkins has said that “many of us worry about agriculture falling under the SNP’s responsibility”.

Stuart Serious
The aspects of agriculture and fishing currently controlled at a European level were specifically identified by the Leave campaign – including by Tory MSPs – as areas that would be devolved if the UK left the EU. Michael Gove also promised that Scotland would have powers over immigration after a Leave vote.

Stuart McMillan MSP, who sits on the Scottish Parliament’s Europe committee, has today called for David Mundell to return to Holyrood to provide clarity on what powers will be devolved.

Commenting, Stuart McMillan MSP said:

“If the UK government are planning to devolve vast swathes of new powers after Brexit then what are they? And why didn’t David Mundell give the Scottish Parliament the details when they had the chance?

“Frankly this looks like yet another example of the Tories making up their Brexit plans as they go along.

“And despite the promises made it appears that Tory MSPs are laying the groundwork for yet another Brexit betrayal.

“If Mundell is serious about devolving more powers he must now come back in front of the Europe Committee and explain himself.”


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