Stuart McMillan MSP: Tax Proposals Delivering for Scotland

“The SNP are protecting public services while the Tories are looking to cut them”, said Stuart McMillan MSP today, as he spoke in the chamber of the Scottish Parliament.

Speaking in the Conservative debate on Taxation, Stuart McMillan MSP highlighted that the Scottish Government is developing a tax policy which delivers for the people of Scotland and the economy.



Mr McMillan said:

“The Scottish Government’s tax proposals for 2017/18 and beyond will protect lower-income taxpayers – but also generate extra revenue to help businesses and invest in key public services.

“Tourism revenue is crucial to the local economy in my constituency of Greenock and Inverclyde, and has influence in the prevalence of jobs there. The impact on tourism expenditure of scrapping Air Passenger Duty, could be between £56 million and £68 million a year, resulting in between 1,200 and 1,500 additional jobs.

Mr McMillan also accused the Tories of encouraging a race to the bottom through lower taxes for the better off whilst punishing the poorest in society:

“The Tories want to roll back the gains of devolution that have helped so many families. They want the sick to pay for their prescriptions and students to pay for their education. At a time of rising prices they want to hit family budgets even harder.

“This is the staggering hypocrisy at the heart of the arguments that Ruth Davidson’s party are making. They continually seek to criticise the Scottish Government whilst turning a blind eye to what their party colleagues are doing south of the border, whilst failing to get their own house in order.

“With new powers on the way there has never been a better time to think about the type of Scotland we want to live in, and how we achieve this. For the SNP Government, this means tackling poverty and inequality and we believe that a fairer tax system is part of this.”



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