75% of 2016 Lords-a-Leaping from Tory Party to Peerage

The SNP is calling on Theresa May to “take back control” by reforming the unelected, outdated and unrepresentative House of Lords.

Over 80% of the peers appointed in David Cameron’s resignation list are Conservative party insiders – over half of which are his former aides.  Joining them on the list are party activists, former Tory politicians and donors – including one of the biggest contributors to the Better Together campaign.

Despite empty rhetoric on Lords reform – throughout his time in office David Cameron appointed 190 unelected peers whilst initiating a reduction in the number of elected MPs from 650 to 600.


Commenting, SNP MSP Stuart McMillan said:

“It is laughable that Theresa May’s Brexiteers are calling to “take back control” from unelected bureaucrats when there are more unelected legislators than elected representatives in Westminster – with 809 peers currently in the House of Lords at the expense of both the taxpayer and democracy.

“David Cameron talked of reforming the House of Lords but the reality was a legacy of cronyism – with over half of the Conservatives in his resignation peerages consisting of his former aides.

“Not only is the second chamber unelected – it is economically, socially and geographically unrepresentative of society and only 25% of peers are female.

“Ending the absurdity of the new Lords ‘a-leaping’ from party positions to peerages would be a start – but the House of Lords is well past its sell by date and should be replaced with a fully elected, representative second chamber.”


*2016 appointments
Former aide/activist/advisor 7
Former Conservative politician or civil servant 7
Businessperson 2
Bishop 1
Labour – Academic 1
Liberal Democrat 1
Crossbencher with Conservative connections 1

*4 appointments were made before David Cameron’s resignation peerages, and one appointed peer will not take office until 2017


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