Tory ‘Foreigner Levy’ Sign Britain Headed For Hard Brexit

Proposals for a £1000-a-year levy on firms hiring EU workers is yet another sign the Tories are determined to pursue a hard Brexit.

Home Office minister Robert Goodwill told peers that the government is considering charging firms £1000-a-year for every EU national employed – only possible if the UK leaves the single market.

The comments follow Theresa May’s clearest signal yet that she intends to pursue a hard Brexit, saying that there would be no attempt to “keep bits of membership of the EU”.Stuart Serious

Commenting, SNP MSP Stuart McMillan said:

“This is yet another sign that the Tories are determined to go for the hardest of hard Brexits – regardless of the impact on our economy.

“The Tories seem more interested in pleasing Nigel Farage than in working for a deal that minimises the damage that Brexit will cause.

“Full, continued single market membership is absolutely essential for jobs and our economy – and the SNP appear to be the only ones willing to stand up for jobs and household incomes.”

Read more about this story on the Guardian website by clicking here.


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