Tories Admit Scottish Single Market Deal Possible – Then Attack Own Immigration Recommendation

The Scottish Tories have “selling out Scotland’s national interests on Westminster’s orders” over Brexit – after the party first admitted that a differentiated deal on the single market was possible, and then attacked the recommendations of a Holyrood report their own MSPs signed up to.

David Mundell this weekend admitted that a separate deal for Scotland was possible – with Ruth Davidson previously describing our membership of the single market as the “overriding priority” for negotiations.

Meanwhile, Holyrood’s Europe committee’s latest report on Brexit recommended a bespoke Scottish immigration system – a recommendation which was not opposed by the two Tory members of the committee.

But Rachael Hamilton and Jackson Carlaw have since attempted to distance themselves from the report, insisting the recommendation they supported “does not reflect our view”.

The shambolic U-turn follows David Mundell’s admission that a differentiated deal for Scotland was possible.


Commenting, SNP MSP Stuart McMillan said:

“Once again, the Scottish Tories are selling out Scotland’s national interests on Westminster’s orders.

“Ruth Davidson used to say that maintaining our single market membership should be the ‘overriding priority’ in Brexit negotiations. Now David Mundell admits that a differentiated deal for Scotland is still possible, but the Tories refuse to respect the will of the Scottish Parliament and the overwhelming vote in Scotland against Brexit.

“And at the same time, Tory MSPs are signing up to recommend a bespoke immigration system for Scotland, only to turn round and attack the recommendations as soon as they’re published. It’s completely shameless.

“The conclusion this report passed, agreed to by Jackson Carlaw and Rachael Hamilton, states quite clearly that Scotland should have a bespoke immigration system – based on the extensive expert evidence heard by the committee which detailed the demographic crisis Scotland would face without EU citizens.

“Sadly, we have come to expect nothing less from the party that has completely and utterly sold out in defending Scotland’s place in Europe, preferring to do as their political masters in London tell them as opposed to representing the interests of their constituents here in Scotland.”


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