Brexit Threat to Pensions

The SNP has raised concerns after a UK Government pensions advisor warned that Brexit poses a direct threat to the state pension by posing further questions about the retirement age, raising the prospect of people across the UK having to work even longer than currently proposed.

John Cridland, former director of the CBI, is reviewing the state pension age for the UK Government – and he has suggested that the “Brexit factor” has made the future of the state pension uncertain. He has warned that the Tory hard Brexit, with strict controls on immigration as part of leaving the EU single market and customs union, could be used to further push up people’s retirement ages.

The UK Government has already announced plans to raise the state pension age to 67 by 2028 – and Mr Cridland has now said that the “unpredictable” post-Brexit migration policies mean this could rise further still.


Commenting, SNP MSP and member of the Scottish Parliament’s Europe Committee, Stuart McMillan, said:

“Brexit is a clear threat to the stability of the state pension – that is the clear message from the UK Government’s own expert adviser on the issue, and shows yet again that the Tories cannot be trusted with anything, given their irresponsible drive towards a hard Brexit cliff-edge.

“Workers have already seen the state pension age rise, and a further increase in retirement age because of the Tories’ xenophobic attitudes towards migration would be a bitter pill for many to swallow.

“This is also yet another example of the broken promises of the 2014 independence referendum, when the Tories and others falsely claimed that pensions would only be safe with a No vote. This is yet another broken promise from the Tories as they pander to a hard-right UKIP agenda, after Ruth Davidson sold out on protecting Scotland’s place in the single market.

“It is becoming increasingly clear with every passing day that this Tory government cannot be trusted to protect Scotland’s interests.”


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