MSP Meets Addaction Scotland in Scottish Parliament

Addaction Scotland attended the Scottish Parliament last week, informing politicians and staff about their work across the country.

Addaction is a leading UK drug, alcohol and mental health charity – and is the largest in Scotland, supporting adults, young people and families to make positive behavioural changes.

Each year Addaction works with 75,000 people at 100 sites across Scotland and England. Addaction services are delivered by teams of experienced, dedicated and committed individuals with expertise in delivering drug and alcohol interventions, and supporting people to change their lives.

Director Andrew Horne said:

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to meet Stuart McMillan MSP and others in the Parliament this week.

“At Addaction Scotland, we deliver quality outcome focussed services across the country to individuals, families and communities under pressure as a result of drug/alcohol and/or mental health problems.

“Having an Information Stand inside Holyrood was a real opportunity to showcase our work in substance misuse.  Making ourselves known among MSPs – as well as staff and visitors – shining the spotlight on our organisation and its ability to get more people into recovery.”


Commenting, Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Stuart McMillan said:

“I am a Management Board member of local charity Moving On Project and I am supportive of the work that Addaction is doing. Organisations such as Addaction are crucial in helping to support those who are struggling with addiction.

“The Scottish Government remains committed to tackling the scourge of illegal drugs alcohol misuse and the damage they do to our communities, and to support those who are struggling with addiction.

“Drug taking is falling in Scotland, and the number of young people taking drugs is the lowest in a decade. The Scottish Government continues to invest in substance misuse education that supports the health and wellbeing outcomes for young people, their parents and carers.

“It continues to be a commitment of the Scottish Government to tackle the scourge of illegal drugs and the damage they do to our communities.”


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