Local MSP meets with British Transport Police to discuss Wemyss Bay line issues

Local MSP, Stuart McMillan MSP has today met with Inspector Gary Brown of the British Transport Police (BTP) to discuss the long standing issues of anti-social behaviour that take place both on and as a consequence of the lack of ticketing on the Wemyss Bay line.

The issue has been raised at local community councils and there is a vast level of Inverclyde agencies involved and working together to try and deal with the problem. The problem nonetheless still persists.


After the meeting, Stuart said:

“I want to thank Inspector Brown for agreeing to meet and the discussion we had was very helpful.

“The Wemyss Bay line has been an issue for some time and there is a vast level of local joint working already taking place. Local agencies have been hugely impressive with their level of involvement but fundamentally Scotrail run the line and they need to take more responsibility for their actions.

“I have heard some frightening stories at community councils about some of the events that have taken place either on trains or in and around train stations when large numbers of people are congregating. The situation is exacerbated when the weather is good.

“I have previously written to Scotrail and have done so again today asking them to meet as well as put some suggestions to them to improve their service.

“Ultimately, Scotrail also have a responsibility to their staff as well as to the paying customer. When some people abuse the Network without even paying then this results in a shortfall of revenue as well as a lack of customer confidence in the system.

“I know some Community Councils will be contacting Scotrail also because it’s clear there is an issue they need to address.”


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