McMillan urges fuel retailers to publish their prices

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP, Stuart McMillan, is urging fuel retailers in Scotland to publish their petrol prices online as part of his Fair Fuel Inverclyde campaign.

Mr McMillan believes that by publishing their unleaded and diesel prices for all of their garages across the country, consumers would be able to see for themselves the type of deal they’re getting from local fuel retailers.

Commenting, the local SNP MSP said:

“I’m once again raising the issue of unfair petrol pricing in Inverclyde as the costs to my constituents cannot be ignored any longer. I travel to Edinburgh almost every week to attend Parliament and it’s ridiculous that fuel costs almost 10p less per litre in Scotland’s capital city than in my constituency.

“Since reviving my Fair Fuel Inverclyde campaign, I have been noting the local prices. At the beginning of the year, Morrison’s was charging 119.9p for unleaded whilst Tesco in Greenock was charging 120.9p. In their letter, Morrisons say that on Friday 12th January unleaded cost 121.9p, which is currently the cost of unleaded at Tesco. We’re now at the end of January and Morrisons are up at 122.9p for unleaded – that’s a 3p increase in one month.

“Retailers should publish the daily petrol costs for all their garages across Scotland so consumers can see what is being offered in other areas. Many of my constituents have already told me they try to fill up in Paisley and Renfrew if passing to avoid the costs in Inverclyde.

“I’m hoping this practice, which would help consumers visualise the inconsistent petrol pricing across Scotland, would force supermarkets to consider a consistent pricing scheme nationally rather than trying to remain competitive locally, as clearly some Scots are getting a better deal than others simply due to where they live.

“I’m publishing the letters I’ve received from Morrisons, Tesco and BP so my constituents can see for themselves that all three fuel retailers are refuting claims that their fuel costs are unfairly high. Inverclyde is not a rural area; it’s a 40-minute drive from Glasgow. Why then are my constituents being subjected to extortionate petrol costs? It seems these big retailers are more concerned with their petrol pricing strategies rather than putting their customers first.”


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