McMillan slams Tories for being in two-minds about Inverclyde

Last week, Greenock and Inverclyde MSP, Stuart McMillan, exposed the Scottish Conservatives as saying the proposed Scottish budget for 2018/19 is ‘too generous’ to Inverclyde. However, it seems regional Tory MSP for the West of Scotland, Jamie Greene, didn’t get the memo as he asked Stuart to vote against yesterday’s budget because it didn’t deliver for Inverclyde.

Mr Greene wrote to Stuart on Sunday 21st January expressing concern about the cuts being made to Inverclyde Council’s budget, which flies in the face of the Scottish Tories’ press release which denounced the fact that Inverclyde’s settlement is four times that of Aberdeen City Council per head for 2018/19.

Commenting, Mr McMillan said:

“I appreciate Jamie Greene’s concern for the people of Inverclyde, but it seems he’s the only Tory who is, considering his party think my constituency is getting too much from the local government settlement.

“It’s confusing at best for my constituents to be told by the Tories that they’re receiving too good a deal, then a few days later hearing a Tory MSP claim that their allocation isn’t enough.

“Finance Secretary Derek Mackay MSP treated Inverclyde fairly in his original budget proposals, and yesterday’s announcement of an additional £159.5m for local governments across Scotland means Inverclyde will receive a further £2.420m.

“You would think that after Jamie Greene being so concerned that Inverclyde isn’t receiving enough from the Scottish Government, he would support Mr Mackay’s new budget proposals which will see my constituency being allocated a further £2.420m. Instead, he voted against this. Clearly he only supports a UK Government slashing Scotland’s budget and evidently the Tories are all talk and still have no concern for Inverclyde and Scotland.

“This SNP Scottish Government has the interests of not only my constituents, but of all Scots, at its heart, and will do its utmost to support local government. This additional allocation will make a significant difference in Inverclyde and I’m happy to support the new proposed 2018/19 Scottish budget.”


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