Inverclyde taxpayers protected under SNP budget proposals

Stuart McMillan MSP has emphasised that the proposed Scottish Government budget for 2018-19 will give Scots the best deal in the UK, and will result in almost 80% of taxpayers in Inverclyde paying less in the upcoming financial year.

The Scottish Government budget will also ensure a pay rise for public sector workers and lower income taxes for 70% of taxpaying Scots.

This shows the SNP’s commitment to protecting low and middle income earners, and to investing in our public services and public sector workers, the SNP MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde has said as Stage 3 of the Budget (Scotland) (No.2) Bill is laid before the Scottish Parliament.

The budget delivers progressive reforms to Scotland’s income tax system, with modest increases on higher earners, while 70% of taxpayers will pay less than they did last year and 55% will pay less than the rest of the UK. Opinion polling found that Scots back the SNP’s tax plans by 2 to 1.

The Budget will also deliver an additional £400 million for the NHS, an expansion in childcare, more spending on broadband, extra funding for our police and fire services, and a pay rise for hard-working public sector employees.

Commenting, Mr McMillan said:

“This is a budget for a stronger economy and a fairer society – with increased funding for the NHS and protection for low and middle income earners.

“The Scottish Government is delivering lower income tax for 70% of Scots, with every worker earning less than £33,000 paying less in tax next year – while protecting public services across Inverclyde that we all hold dear.

“In my constituency, almost 80% of taxpayers will pay less under the new proposals for 2018-19 than they did in 2017-18.

“Some of my constituents contacted me as they were concerned that the income tax increases would cancel out their public sector pay increase, but Scottish Parliament Information Centre research shows that a public sector worker who earned £38,001 in 2017/18 would see their wage rise to £38,761 following a 2% pay rise, which is £760 more. The difference in tax liability between 2017/18 and 2018/19 would only be £210 more – resulting in an overall increase in £550 in annual income.”

“Overall this budget brings an additional £400 million to NHS Scotland, delivers a pay rise for public sector workers, £756 million for affordable homes, additional funding for the arts and culture sector, a £4 billion investment in infrastructure, including in superfast broadband, as well as significant investments in research, education and childcare.

“In the face of massive Westminster cuts, ongoing Tory austerity and a damaging hard Brexit – this budget provides investment to seize the opportunities of tomorrow.”


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