McMillan commends dedication of NHS staff

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP, Stuart McMillan, has commended the tremendous efforts of NHS staff during March of this year as the number of planned operations rose despite severe winter weather and travel disruption.

March saw unseasonably cold weather, with Scotland’s first ever red weather alert across large swathes of the country and the army providing assistance to get staff and patients to and from some hospitals through deep snow.

In total, 25,399 operations took place in March 2018 compared to 23,664 in the month previous – a 7.3% rise.

Commenting, Stuart said:

“The dedication and hard work of NHS staff is always to be commended, but even more so when they fight through dangerous weather conditions to make it into work.

“Their determination to ensure it was ‘business as normal’, or as close to this as possible, while Scotland was blanketed with severe snow and under a strict red weather warning is admirable.

“Severe weather is bad enough conditions to be working under though, without opposition parties using hospital and GP ‘closures’ as political footballs. It’s unnerving for staff and the public, and undermines the valuable work NHS staff do.

“It’s time all political parties came together to applaud our NHS and work to ensure the wider public, and NHS employees, have confidence in our health care system.”


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