Unhappy Motorists Express Transport Scotland Concerns Via Local MSP’s Survey

Hundreds of residents from across Inverclyde have expressed their frustration about the state of the A78 and the A8 trunk roads.

Stuart McMillan MSP received over 600 responses to a recent survey asking residents for their views on the major roads in and out of the area.

A massive 87.5% of people said that Transport Scotland do not maintain the A78 and A8 to an adequate standard.

Two-thirds of respondents, some 66%, said they weren’t sure how to report a fault to Transport Scotland, with over 60% saying even if they did report a problem they don’t have confidence in the agency to fix the road.

Stuart McMillan said: “The response to the survey has been overwhelming, and it’s clear that drivers in Inverclyde feel let down by the state of our major roads.

“As part of the survey I’ve been contacted about hundreds of individual problems on a mix of trunk and local roads, including potholes, traffic lights, street lights, junctions, speeding and dangerous driving, flooding as well as abandoned and dirty road signs. A huge majority of people said they are unhappy about the state of the roads in Inverclyde.”

The MSP has used the survey to raise a “mega-list” of complaints about individual road defects to both Inverclyde Council and Scotland Transerv, who maintain the trunk road network on behalf of Transport Scotland.

He said: “It’s important that people from Inverclyde know who to complain to and how – I would urge anyone who is concerned about a defect to report it to Scotland Transerv and ask them to fix it quickly.

“It is unfair that drivers are being put in the position of having to repeatedly report defects before they are repaired, and I’ll be writing to them today to ask them to make them aware of the survey results.”

Households were also asked if they thought the road network in Inverclyde could cope with any new housing developments, to which 77.2% of respondents said No. Just 3.6% said Yes, with 11.2% of people saying they don’t know.


• Scotland Transerv on 0800 028 1414
• Inverclyde Council on 01475 717171 or 0800 373635

Total Respondents:

Method: Letters were sent to just over 7,000 households, 1,000 in each of the seven wards across Inverclyde, using data chosen at random from the Electoral Roll. Letters were issued from 23 February until 5 March 2018. The survey closed for postal responses on Monday 30 April.

Question 1: Do you regularly travel the A78 and/or A8? If so, please specify bus, car or both?
Total YES: 581 (93.9%)
By car: 416 (67.3%)
By bus: 34 (5.5%)
By both: 50 (8%)
Unspecified: 81 (13.1%)
No: 29 (4.7%)

Question Two: Do you believe that Transport Scotland up-keep these trunk roads to an adequate standard?
Yes: 50 (8.1%)
No: 541 (87.5%)
Don’t know: 15 (2.4%)

Question Three: If you wanted to report a problem to Transport Scotland, would you know how to do it?
Yes: 148 (23.9%)
No: 410 (66.3%)
Don’t know: 45 (7.3%)

Question Four: Do you feel if you reported a problem, Transport Scotland would fix the issue quickly?
Yes: 24 (3.9%)
No: 375 (60.7%)
Don’t know: 172 (27.8%)

Question Five: Do you feel if you reported an issue to Transport Scotland, they would inform you once the issue is resolved?
Yes: 13 (2.1%)
No: 320 (51.8%)
Don’t know: 190 (30.7%)

Question Six: Do you think the network could cope with the extra load from new housing?
Yes: 22 (3.6%)
No: 477 (77.2%)
Don’t know: 69 (11.2%)


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