McMillan hails independence as only mechanism to deliver respect agenda for Scotland

Stuart McMillan MSP has hailed independence as the only way to deliver a respect agenda for Scotland’s people, reflecting on Westminster’s decision to disregard the devolution settlement during their debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill.

The Greenock and Inverclyde MSP was speaking in the Liberal Democrat’s Finance and Constitution debate in the Scottish Parliament when he highlighted the shambolic proceedings of Westminster which saw the Lord’s amendments relating to devolution only being given mere minutes to be debated.

The UK Parliament’s dismissal of Scotland’s interests was then made even more apparent when both Labour and the Liberal Democratics abstained from voting on these crucial amendments, enabling the UK Government to proceed with their Brexit power grab.

Commenting, SNP MSP Mr McMillan said:

“The Scottish Lib Dems have a cheek to say that independence would be damaging for Scotland when their party chose to abstain from voting on sections in the EU Withdrawal Bill that fundamentally undermine devolution.

“Holyrood did not give its consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill – that’s something every party in the Scottish Parliament agreed on, except for the Conservatives, making Labour and the Lib Dems abstention in Westminster last night all the more telling.

“Scotland has been disrespected by the UK Parliament for too long. If we are serious about wanting to deliver a more prosperous and socially-just Scotland, then independence is the only answer.

“This should be a wake-up call to the people of Scotland that Westminster does not respect Scotland. It never has and it never will.

“Then there are the so-called cuddly Scottish Tories who provide the human cover for the vindictive polices emanating from Downing Street. They have the extreme right wingers of Johnson, Gove and Mogg dangling a weak Prime Minister like a Marionette, dancing to the hard Brexit tune.

“The events in Westminster this week have demonstrated why it is not fit for purpose in serving Scotland’s democratic needs.”

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