McMillan discusses Bogus Caller with Police Scotland

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP, Stuart McMillan welcomed Police Scotland Area Commander Louise Harvie and Local Authority Liaison Officer Laura Stewart to his office on Tuesday to discuss various issues highlighted to him by constituents. One of the significant topics discussed was bogus caller crime and the targeting of elderly residents.

Stuart with Area Commander Louise Harvie and Local Authority Liaison Officer Laura Stewart

Commenting, Mr McMillan said:

“It was great to talk through a number of Police issues with Chief Inspector Harvie, but at the top of the agenda was bogus callers and the despicable targeting of elderly residents in Inverclyde. There is a lot of help and advice on offer from Police Scotland and Inverclyde Trading Standards, both online and in leaflets, which are now available from my office in Grey Place.

‘If someone comes to your door offering to buy or sell you something at a price which seems too good to be true – it’s probably not genuine. It’s important that you always answer your door with the chain on, and check all official identification before letting someone in to your home. You should never feel pressured into signing any documentation, and if you do sign a contract, you are legally protected to be able to cancel it within 14 days.

‘If someone suspicious does come to your door – let your neighbours know so that they can be on the lookout and prepared for cold callers in the area – and remember to notify the Police by telephoning 101 and Trading Standards on 01475 717171. It’s better to be safe than sorry that you didn’t call and report your suspicions.”


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