Inverclyde MSP to lead Eye Health Week 2018 debate

As part of Eye Heath Week 2018, which takes place between 24 and 30 September, SNP MSP Stuart McMillan, who also convenes the Cross Party Group on Visual Impairment (CPGVI), will lead a debate to highlight the importance of the Scottish Government’s free eye test policy which has seen people benefit over 21 million times since 2007 thanks to over £775m investment in the initiative.

On Tuesday 25 September, the Greenock and Inverclyde MSP will lead a Member’s Debate to mark Eye Health Week 2018 and emphasise the fact that an eye test doesn’t just test your sight – it’s a thorough examination to check the health of your eyes, find any eye problems before they become more serious, and identify signs of other health problems such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders and high cholesterol.

Speaking about eye health, Mr McMillan said:

“Getting your eyes checked regularly is an important part of keeping healthy, which is why I’m always keen to raise the profile of Eye Health Week in the hope that more people will take advantage of regular free eye tests which are a vital part of the SNP’s commitment to improving the health of everyone in Scotland.

“As Convenor of the CPG on Visual Impairment, I recognise the challenges that an ageing population, increases in diabetes and poor diet could contribute to the numbers of visually impaired people in Scotland over the next 20 years.

“That is why this SNP Scottish Government is taking action to prevent this, with free eye tests only part of this packet of measures.

“As well as encouraging people to make use of these free eye tests, I’m also urging people to seek the advice of an optician if they experience sudden loss or changes in vision, or have sore, irritated, red, sticky or watery eyes, rather than visiting their GP or taking a trip to A&E.

“While taking care of your eyes is important, it’s crucial that people access the appropriate services when they do experience issues with their sight.”


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